About Bidtrack

BidTrack is the powerful yet straightforward tool specifically tailored to enable fleet owners and managers of companies within the BidVest group to gain optimum benefit from their vehicles. BidTrack achieves its targets by helping to maximise fleet performance and minimise operating expenditure.

This is attained by focusing on three primary areas - Driver Productivity, Vehicle Running Costs and Vehicle Utilisation. The technology was researched and developed in South Africa: it boasts a proven track record dating back more than a decade, as well as export status which sees it licensed for use across Europe and in Africa’s largest, most populous countries.

BidTrack is manufactured locally under stringent ISO criteria. The system includes proprietary Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Recovery features: while these include a unique Position Lock facility and various probable-theft-in-progress alerts, BidTrack users are urged to assist by reporting emergencies via the 24-hour hotline 086 1234 911
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